Meet the a-team: Anssi


How did you end up here?

"End up" sounds to me like this was something I just accidentally ended up doing, but for me this has been a lot more.

It was a bit over three years ago when it all got started. Back then me, Mika and Timo worked in the same company, and that company was going through some big changes. One day Mika contacted me and started up the discussions about building a new company. I was excited about the idea! After some family discussions we started founding Arado. Big thanks to Mika on getting my Arado story started and Timo for joining us immediately in the beginning. This has been so far for me the best journey in my work life and a lot because of all the great people around us. 


What do you like to do at work?

Building digital solutions that help people in their everyday work life. What makes me extremely happy is to work closely with people, whether it is pair coding or having discussions about the business challenges we are aiming to solve. I like to work based on facts not assumptions, and that naturally drives me closer to people and seeking for fast feedback on what I do. It has been interesting to see how many things that apply on technical work apply also in the business work. I like a lot combination of both sides. 

I like that although my title says CEO, I can do the day to day work with our customers similarly like everyone else in our company. Biggest reason for making that possible is the people we have. We do things together based on what people are interested. I'm proud of the people in our company, and also thankful to them for making my work so nice.

What do you like to do outside of work?


Most of my time outside work goes to my family. I have a great family and I enjoy spending time with them a lot. The activities what we do can vary a lot. I enjoy a lot seeing all the things what they came up day to day in their path of growing. Have to say that it has been a growing path for me also in many sense.  

With the rest of my time I enjoy doing stuff related to sports I like to try out new things and challenge myself. The next challenge for me is to participate  a huge orienteering event in Finland called "Jukola". Biggest influencer for me on trying this one out is Jarno from our company. Let‚Äôs see how many times I will thank him in the dark night while trying to orienteer myself to the finish line. ūüėÉ