Meet the a-team: Henrik


How did you end up here?

"Through a couple of lunches, laughs and a sense of good will and commitment.

In 2015 I started looking around as the company I was working for then was going through some renewals and I felt that my personal goals and values weren’t a good enough match with the company’s anymore. My dear colleague then and now, Mikko, pointed me towards Anssi and we got to lunchin’. Back then Arado was only a few people strong, but I immediately got the feeling that there was a lot of heart in play and that I could very well fit in with these people. After some internal struggling with the pains of stepping out of a comfy enterprisey job into a smaller company I did my decision of jumping aboard. A decision of which I can still say I’m honestly proud of."


What do you like to do at work?

"I like to solve problems. More to the point I enjoy finding concise solutions to seemingly difficult problems. And maybe most of all I love doing it with a team of good, like-minded people. Pair coding with a person I can learn from and laugh while doing it is the best."

What do you like to do outside of work?


"As in work, also outside it I enjoy group activities; team sports has always been my thing and in addition to some seasonal football and ice hockey I play floorball in the fourth division. I also enjoy reading, spending time with friends (and my fiancee Anniina! [got a critical note for not mentioning her]), traveling and all that jazz… I’m a sociable guy ;)"