Meet the a-team: Markus


We start the "meet the a-team" blog post series by interviewing the newest aradoer, Markus.

How did you end up here?

"I ended up in here because of beer, or at least beer was involved. I was in an event called "Suuret oluet, pienet panimot" (Great Beers, Small Breweries)  when I met an old colleague Ville. He worked at Arado and said that they were hiring and he had enjoyed working there. I had had the feeling that I wanted to do more coding and work directly with customers. Ville said that at Arado you can do both, every day. After a while my previous employer was bought by a really big corporation. That kind of ignited the idea of jumping on board with Arado. It also seemed that Arado was full of professionals and I could find a great place for myself there to grow professionally."

What do you like to do at work?

"I like to code :) I am the kind of guy who likes to focus on specific issues and excel in those. But I do like to learn new stuff also. Bringing customer value is something that I like to do."

What do you like to do outside of work?

markus floorball.jpg

"I used play a lot of floorball but I am only coaching nowadays. Due to the fact that I am a family man now, I don’t have that much time to do other stuff than playing around with my daughter.  If I had a lot more free time, I would find a new sporty hobby."