Meet the a-team: Stefano


How did you end up here?

"A couple of years ago I was really demotivated by the corporate world in which I had been working and I was looking for a smaller place. One day I met Anssi at lunch and there I understood that Arado was a unique place where I could just focus on what I love to do: solve people’s problems through software. It turned out to be a lot more than that: it’s a place where you can grow professionally because you can really shape your future but you also feel part of a community as we organise many events and, in general, do things together. It’s probably the first workplace where I have worked for which I can proudly say: “My company”."

stefano office.jpg

What do you like to do at work?

"In short; learn. I get bored if I don’t gain new knowledge every day. I am interested about technology, but I what I really love is to learn how to make people’s lifes better, which translates into solving real life problems with software and coming out with the best possible solutions."

What do you like to do outside of work?

stefano beach.jpg

"I like sports and I have been playing football for about 30 years. Now due to my knees’ condition I cannot play that much anymore so football has been decreasing in favour of going to the gym, which I consider more as a necessity than something that I enjoy :) I like improving my languages' skills and also thinking about them because I am foreigner and I have two kids to whom I am trying to teach Italian. I am actually trying to develop an application with a friend that would help foreigners to learn Finnish which seems to be a daunting task for them. Since I live in Karjaa (that's where the train stops) in the countryside I also like to watch the night sky with my telescope and I try to do every time the weather allows, which is about twice a month."