Meet the a-team: Ville


How did you end up here?

"I think I was contacted the first time a bit over two years ago. A good friend of mine had had discussions with Anssi to join Arado, but he eventually decided to go elsewhere. He did however tip Anssi to call me in case I would be interested to 'make a move' (we had ongoing co-operation negotiations [yt-neuvottelut] at my workplace). That time I felt like there was still interesting challenges ahead at my current work, so I stayed. A year later in 2016 the time was right, and after a few phone calls and maybe a lunch or two I joined Arado."


What do you like to do at work?

"Play with legos :D Well, programming-legos that is. I like the feeling of creating something amazing from simple blocks. Lately I have been building a web site that is used by hundreds of users every day, and I've noticed that knowing my team's creations are used by so many people motivates me a lot. Something I used to do frequently but haven't done lately that much is to facilitate retrospectives. Maybe I'll find some opportunities for that since it was a nice 'sidestep' from programming and very educating."

What do you like to do outside of work?


"I play drums in a band called 'Alasin', we try to play / compose / whatever once a week. Sometimes I practice drumming just by myself, but opportunities for that are quite rare. My wife and I are both enthusiastic boardgamers and travellers, so those are common hobbies us, and we drag our daughter along too :) Being a dad to a 2 year old little girl is awesome."