This blog post is written by  Ville Ruuskanen

This blog post is written by
Ville Ruuskanen

Having Fun

Back in October 2016 we participated a .NET developers' conference in Warsaw. During the conference, and especially the afterparty, we had discussions on how fun sharing knowledge and discussing new ideas is. Someone, probably Mikko, came up with the idea of "docventures, but with tech videos". Everyone liked the idea a lot, and we reserved the domain right away!

Domain successfully registered!

Domain successfully registered!

Sharing the Fun

Once we had recovered from the conference trip it was time to move from idea to action. We set the date and reserved "Tapahtumakahvila" (Event Café) at Werstas Turku, a venue we had used in Global day of Coderetreat with great success. The most difficult part was choosing the video to watch. After some debates we chose Greg Young's 8 Lines of Code, something all devs could relate to and discuss.

Then we waited and hoped that people would be interested...

The first ever Techventures was a success! We had a good number of people attending and really good conversations after the video. And tasty snacks!

We will definitely continue arranging these events and we have plans to develop the concept further. The next Techventures will take place in the beginning of February. There's some interesting stuff brewing, stay tuned!