Jarno Rantala is a problem solver with empathy. Tell him a problem and he starts to solve it for you. He enjoys when he succeeds to do this in way that makes everyone’s life a bit better.


I think that writing the code is the easiest part of software development.

Highlighted Technologies

.NET: C#, ASP.NET, WCF, Specflow

JVM: Java, Vaadin, Akka, OSGi, JBehave, Maven

TDD, BDD, Continuous Deployment


Master of Science (Technology), Tampere University of Technology  5/2010
Major: Technical Mathematics
Minors: Software Science, Technical Mechanics
Master's thesis: Software systems for distributed scientific computing (English, Finnish)


Orienteering game for hackers

Demo project to integrate PhoneGap and Vaadin

Add-on for Vaadin 7 which loads more components when user scrolls down

General interface tutorial application implemented with Vaadin

This fork repository adds mobile push notifications top of the Parking demo application.


Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization - Coursera - 10/2017
Structuring Machine Learning Projects - Coursera -  10/2017
Neural Networks and Deep Learning - Coursera - 09/2017
Machine Learning - Coursera - 03/2017
Principles of Reactive Programming - Coursera - 12/2013
Functional Programming Principles in Scala - Coursera - 11/2012
Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 6 Programmer - Oracle - ?
Certified ScrumMaster - ScrumAlliance - 09/2010

Work history

04/2016 – current - Senior Consultant - Arado Oy
05/2014 – 04/2016 - Vaadin Expert - Vaadin Oy
03/2011 - 05/2014 - Vaadin Developer - Vaadin Oy
01/2010 - 02/2011 - Business Intelligence, Technology Specialist (Scrum Master) - SW Development Ltd
06/2009 - 08/2009 - CERN openlab summer student - CERN openlab
07/2008 - 08/2008 - Summer Trainee - Helsinki Institute of Physics (CERN)
06/2007 - 08/2009 - Research Assistant - Tampere University of Technology

Work experience

2016/04 – current | Large European Provider of Debt Related Administrative Services

Agile software development for a multinational invoicing system. Tasks included planning, estimating, implementing and testing of feature stories. 
C#, Git, SpecFlow, RabbitMQ, BDD, ASP.NET MVC, Javascript, WCF, Oracle SQL, ReSharper, TeamCity


2015/10 – 2016/04 | Vaadin Pro Tools

Worked in a team responsible for maintaining and developing the commercial Vaadin products: Touchkit, Spreadsheet, TestBench and Charts
Vaadin, Java, JavaScript, AsciiDoc, Maven, Git, TeamCity, Travis, Trac, GWT, Polymer, Web components, HighCharts, Selenium, IntelliJ


2014/11 – 2015/10 | Multinational networking and telecommunications provider

Worked in a team which created a demo application for Mobile World Congress. After the demo and feedback, the team implemented the new functionalities and UX improvements to the customers cloud service which enables operators to offer connectivity management to their enterprise customers
Java 8, Akka, OSGi, Karaf, Maven, OrientDB, ElasticSearch, Jetty, TeamCity, JBehave


2013/11 – 2015/10 | Vaadin Trainer

I had a pleasure to teach other developers to use Vaadin in effective way by holding Vaadin training sessions and building materials for them. There were different types of sessions like online, onsite for a customer or open classroom trainings. 


2013/10 – 2013/12 | Accessibility support | Vaadin

Vaadin framework development to add accessibility support for Vaadin components.
JAWS, WAI-ARIA, GWT, Vaadin Eclipse, Maven, Git,


2013/08 – 2013/10 | OLAP cube | Research and development centre of Air Traffic Management

OLAP cube is a visual tool to analyse multidimensional dataset. My responsibility was to implement OLAP cube as a Vaadin component such that the existing backend could be easily attached to it.
Vaadin, GWT, Eclipse, Java, Git, Mockito


2013/05 – 2013/07 | Mobile demo application | CRM solutions provider

Implemented a proof-of-concept mobile application to be a part of the customers CRM system. 
Vaadin Touchkit, Vaadin, Java, CSS, Eclipse, Maven, Git


2013/04 – 2013/05 | Web UI | Workflow automation software provider

Implemented a preliminary Web UI with Vaadin for the next version of the workflow automation system
Vaadin, Eclipse, CSS, Maven, Tomcat, Git, Java


2011/09 – 2013/04 | Large European Provider of Debt Related Administrative Services

Agile software development for a multinational invoicing system. Tasks included planning, estimating, implementing and testing of feature stories. 
C#, Git, SpecFlow, BDD, TDD, ASP.NET MVC, Javascript, WCF, Oracle SQL, ReSharper, TeamCity


2011/05 – 2011/08 | ProAccount service | Vaadin

Worked in a team which created the first version of Vaadin ProAccount service.
Vaadin, Eclipse, CSS, Liferay, MySQL, JPA, EclipseLink


2010/01 – 2011/01 | Dynamic simulations | Manufacturing and Logistics

Created multiple dynamic simulations for logistics and manufacturing systems. Mainly the purpose of the simulations where to support the design of the upcoming changes to the manufacturing layout or logistics.  
Enterprise Dynamics, AnyLogic, 4DScript, Java, Excel


2010 | Performance efficiency system | Hospital laundry

Leading a team as a scrum master to build a software system to produce optimal production plans for a hospital laundry.
C#, Visual studio, MS SQL, Windows Forms, Web services, AnyLogic, Java


2007 - 2009 | Research assistant | Tampere University of Technology

Implemented and documented heuristic optimisation algorithms which were then used by other researchers. Compared two desktop grid computing systems: BOINC and Techila as part of my Master's thesis.
Matlab, Techila, BOINC, SVN, LaTeX, Python