We working at Arado exhibit a strong technical background and expertise, as well as the drive to move things forward! We care about our clients' businesses and aim to help their teams grow by sharing our knowledge and taking responsibility for the progress of development projects.

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Technical Skill and Expertise - We Know How

Arado's senior consultants have the technical expertise that meets market demands, and they continuously develop their skills. The quality of our work and meeting the needs of our clients are of utmost importance to us and are evidenced by our long-standing client relationships. With their extensive experience, Arado team members can quickly dive into projects and easily adapt to the requirements of new domains and client technologies.

Arado työntekijät työssään

Make-it-Happen Mindset - We Care for Business Value

Our consultants are dedicated to delivering value daily by ensuring tasks are prioritized effectively and completed efficiently. They proactively take responsibility for clients, anticipating needs and taking initiative. With a focus on understanding client expectations and the drivers of their business, our consultants strive to understand the connections between our client’s different systems, goals and people. Additionally, we demonstrate courage by constructively addressing issues within the team.

Helping the Team Grow - We Grow Your Team's Competence

Our consultants embody true teamwork with a helpful attitude, knowledge sharing, adaptability, and positivity. We excel in communication by listening attentively, respecting diverse viewpoints, and crafting clear and concise documents. Additionally, we coach others to enhance our client team’s performance, whether it's mentoring junior team members or assisting with recruitment.

Our Experts

Jussi Järvi
Johannes Valtonen
Markus Suominen
Atte Moisio
Anssi Soinu
Ville Henriksson
Marno Kulmala
Konsta Purtsi
Ville Jäppinen
Mika Willberg
Jani Anttonen
Patrik Herrgård
Teemu Tuovinen
Olli Ketola
Mika Taimen
Kai Lahti
Stefano Garusi
Simo-Pekka Koskinen
Jukka Tamminen
Ville Ruuskanen
Timo Vilppu
Tomi Spring
Jouni Inkinen
Niko Erkintalo
Teppo Vuoriketo

Sales & Marketing

Ville Oksanen
Veli-Pekka Virtanen

Interested in Joining Our Team?

We are constantly looking for new members to join our team at Arado. If you feel that we could be the next stop in your career, feel free to message us at and we will be in touch!

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