Veli-Pekka Virtanen

Differences in IT in Sweden and Finland - Sebastian Monadjemzadeh, Cfinder

It's often said, that Finland tends to be a couple of years behind Sweden in cultural progression. We continue our attempts to find out if this is true in the field of IT in this episode with Sebastian Monadjemzadeh (or Monad, as he likes to spell it) from Cfinder; a global digital platform designed to connect freelancers with companies offering IT gigs.

The developments in consultants becoming freelancers, companies outsourcing workforce and the growing significance of digital communities can already be seen in Finland. But they are, in fact, just a bit more ahead in Sweden. We even end up discussing the IT in the UK, so this conversation should definitely give you a good perspective on what's happening in the field!

If you wish to join the Cfinder community discussed in the podcast, sign up here: https://cfinder.com/