Veli-Pekka Virtanen

Talk with a developer CEO - Jonas Bjering, Piktiv AB

Our exploration into the Swedish IT industry continues, as we have a talk with Jonas Bjering from Piktiv.

Jonas has been in the field for over ten years and has grown Piktiv from one man company into one of the most prominent employers in the city of Skövde. Lately Jonas has had to leave behind his dreams of being able to both code and be a CEO, but he still carries a long practical knowledge from working in the industry, Like many CEO's, Jonas has a habit of diving into fundamentals and we tackle subjects as building a roadmap to trust with your clients, and answering the question "Why we exist as a company?". Jonas also shares his predictions on how much machine learning will impact the industry as a whole.

The episode gives an interesting look into the challenges and questions a Swedish IT CEO faces - and those are not that different at all from the ones we have here in Finland.

You can find more information about Piktiv from here: https://www.piktiv.se and if you wish to get in touch with Jonas you can do so via email: jonas@piktiv.se