The Human Centric Consultancy — What does it actually mean?


We have lately been talking a lot about our company culture and how to best describe it. Like every other company, we like to think there is something unique about our culture, but phrasing it has been a real struggle. During these discussions, we did however notice that there was one topic, which popped up constantly: human centricity. Everyone in the team felt, that this describes our culture in a nutshell, and it’s something we would like to be known of. Whether we talk about company growth, customer relationships, or personal development, the focus is always on people and what would be the best option for them.

Human centric since day 1

As part of these conversations, our founders Anssi and Mika walked down memory lane to the days when Arado was established. One of their main reasons to start the company was to be able to have a workplace where people felt genuinely happy. As the company has grown, the human-centric idea of being the best workplace for every employee has stayed. We believe that by investing in our own well-being, we are investing in our future success and our customer’s happiness. When our consultants enjoy the work they are doing and they feel supported, we can guarantee the best quality for our clients.

We’ve been lucky to have exceptional individuals join Arado and we trust their opinion when it comes to strategic, and not so strategic, decisions. We have open business development discussions in Slack, and there’s always the opportunity to comment and suggest initiatives. As an example, we had a discussion regarding our goals for 2021 at the turn of the year. Everyone in the team was asked to participate and share their thought about where the company should be heading. We had a smaller group to work with the material, and as a result, we were able to clarify our goals for 2021 — goals the whole team supports and agrees with.

Happy team = happy customers

As a consulting company, it’s a no-brainer that customer satisfaction is our number one priority. In addition to figuring out ways to describe our culture, we have been talking about the Arado consultant profile and what is our promise to customers. Human centricity was strongly present in this discussion as well. We care about our customers and their business. We don’t think of joining our customer’s team as ”just another project”, but rather see it as an opportunity to help the client and their team, and push their business forward. We commit to the work and company with the focus to help them in any way we can. Especially the people we work with.

Some might think working as a consultant can be lonely. But we see this as an opportunity to have two teams to work with. If you need someone to talk to, you can always turn to your Arado team. One of our promises is that no-one is left alone.

No growth just for the sake of growth

Human centricity also shows in our way of growing the company. We don’t have a strict hierarchy with big leaders, who think they know best and show up with ready-made plans to execute. We don’t have growth plans just for the sake of growth, but rather they are based on the whole team’s wishes and what kind of interesting development opportunities growth could offer. We’re continuing to grow the team with exceptional individuals and trust that they will help us grow even further.

In simplicity, human centricity means, that we ask a lot of questions and then listen. The most important part is that it actually shows in our daily work that the decisions come from the team.

Did you see yourself in this? We are always looking for senior full-stack developers to join our team, so if this got you excited, don’t hesitate to contact us!